What styles of doors are available?
123door offers a large variety of doors in Belfast and Northern Ireland. We have 100+ designs of doors in our gallery. We offer both composite and UPVC doors. Narrow and wide doors for limited and wide open space are available respectively. Also available are glazed doors or solid traditional doors. We have French doors and patio doors in different styles. Bi fold doors are also available. For designs and styles, please view our gallery. For further details regarding the door styles, please visit our guide section.
What range of colors is available to choose from?
Our doors in Northern Ireland come in a lot of colours ready to match any theme that you have followed in your house. 123door boasts of a coluor palette that contains more than 20 colours. In addition to the standard colours such as red, green, blue, white or orange we also have exotic colours such as magenta, turquoise, sea green and burnt orange.
What is the difference between composite and UPVC doors?
UPVC - it is made up of plastic particularly polyvinyl chloride. It contains a single element. Composite door- it is a hybrid of different materials. It is made up of more than two materials. It is a strong and secure door with long life span.
What are the security features of the door?
123door brings you high quality doors equipped with modern safety features, are made up of good quality materials with high precision. They come with multi lock system, making it a safe choice for your home in Belfast and Northern Ireland.
What glass options are available here?
You can design your own door here. Variety of glass option and schemes are accessible. You can have glass side panels, glazed glass top light, full glass door, sliding glass door and much more. For further details, please contact us.
Return of damaged goods
Damage to the product after delivery or installation will not be entertained. Custom made products can not be returned.
How to order?
We encourage you to order online on our website. This will result in prompt acknowledgement of your order and timely delivery of the product. You can avail our buy online option on our website and order the door of your choice.
How to care for my composite door?
Composite and UPVC are low maintenance doors. They only require small and easy tasks to keep them in optimum condition. They suit the climate of Belfast and Northern Ireland.
Are composite or UPVC side panels available?
Yes, matching composite and UPVC side panels are available at 123Door, Belfast.
Does composite or UPVC door fade with time?
The skin of our doors is made up of a particular colour. Composite and UPVC doors are not painted so they do not fade over time. As the colour of the door is deep and runs throughout the skin of the door, the surface of our doors neither fades nor peel with time.
What is the effect of weather on these doors?
These doors are weather proof. They do not warp, swell or distort with temperature or seasonal changes. They are designed with the weather conditions of Belfast and Northern Ireland kept in mind. They are corrosion resistant and do not rot in moist weather. They are strong and can resist strong gusts of wind quite easily.
Are there different qualities of composite doors?
Yes, different companies use different quality materials. Here at 123door, Northern Ireland, only the highest quality materials are used. No compromise is made on the quality of the product. The caliber of our products is of the highest standard. Our company prides itself on the standard of our goods.
What are the sizes of the doors?
Doors are made to fit the size of your space. They are made according to the available space. Our team at 123door, Belfast, will help you in measuring the door space properly and will construct the door accordingly.
Is a composite or UPVC door energy efficient?
Yes, they are energy efficient doors in Northern Ireland and keep the cold air outside by providing a good seal between the door and door frame. They decrease the energy bills and overall increase the comfort level of the house.
What is the life span of a composite door in Belfast, Northern Ireland?
As composite doors are waterproof, so they have a long life span reaching up to 10 years or more. With minimal upkeep required they are easier to maintain and remain in good condition for a long time.
How much a door cost?
The price of the door depends upon various factors such as the quality, type of glass used, the door design, door colour, security features, size, installation and other such factors. You will see the price as you will select the options and features that you want in your door. Before ordering the price of your selected door will be visible to you. You can buy our doors online.
Why choose composite doors in Belfast and Northern Ireland?
Composite doors are stylish, attractive, safe and durable. With features such as corrosion resistance, multiple colour options, unique designs, state of the art security features, weather proof designs and a long life span composite door is the best choice for your house.
Does every door have the same skin finish?
No, every door has a different skin finish. If large gaps are left between grains, then the door gives a poor skin colour and loses its timber like look.
What are resin bevels?
y are glass imitations. They are made up of plastic and used instead of real glass to imitate original glass bevel. Our company 123door uses only real glass in glass bevels.
Why use 123door?
With 20 years of experience and a dedicated and hard working team, we give you the products that are innovative, beautiful and long lasting.
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