French Doors Belfast, Northern Ireland

French doors are very common nowadays. They are basically doors constructed with a light framework of composite or UPVC with window panes extending throughout the length of the door.

They are mostly preferred for back doors or can be used for wide entrances. They are a pair of regular doors set within a single frame of either UPVC or Composite. French doors are perfect for light summer days. They allow natural light to filter inside the house and gives the house an open and airy feel. With these doors you can bring the outside in your house.

These doors are made with both composite and UPVC materials. Their framework is strong and durable. Since they are made up of glass primarily, they bring lots of natural light. They are very pleasing aesthetically. They give your house a dramatic appearance. These doors are both beautiful and practical. They are ideal for the climate conditions in Belfast and Northern Ireland.

They are also available in different colours and styles. We have the doors that can go with any type of your interior design. French doors can enhance your house and give it a spacious look. These doors also increase your property value. We have a lot of options for you so, browse our gallery to your heart’s content, choose the perfect French door for your house at your own leisure and buy it online in a few easy steps.

Patio Doors Belfast, Northern Ireland

Another popular door style is patio door. It is a large glass door that leads to patio, balcony or garden. This door basically is a large glass panel encased in a framework of composite or UPVC. These doors are mostly sliding doors. The doors slide side to side within the outer frame by passing each other by use of overhead and underfoot tracks.They give you availability of achieving much wider space with sliding doors going from 1600mm to 4200mm.

They are also a good choice of doors in restricted spaces as they do not open inwards or outwards, but remain in the line of the wall when opened. Patio doors provide good ventilation. They keep the temperature down in the summer and preserve heat in winters which is suitable for areas such as Belfast and Northern Ireland. They conserve energy and increase your property value in the market.

They add beauty to the house. From an aesthetic point of view patio doors are the best option. They provide a beautiful view of the landscape and add to the comeliness of the house. You can flood your house with bright sunlight, making your house comfortable and relaxing. Here at 123door, Belfast, we have an artful selection of patio doors designed to suit your requirements. Patio doors are available in different designs and colour combinations.You can select the one that fulfils your requirements. Our doors are available online and you can comfortably buy our patio doors online.

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