Welcome to our Door Guides section. Here you will find a variety of helpful information to help you choose, measure and maintain your new doors and windows.

Benefits of Composite & Upvc Doors

Composite and UPVC front doors Belfast and Northern Irelandare the most preferred materials for doors these days in. With their unique and stunning designs, these doors grace the interior and exterior of majority of properties.

They come with lots of benefits.

• One benefit is that they are stronger and more durable than the traditional wooden doors.
• These doors are weather proof. They do not change or distort due to weather changes.
• They are secure and safe.
• They are easy to install.
• The maintenance of these doors is easy and not time consuming at all.
• They are resistant to corrosion and they do not rot. This makes them long lasting and durable.
• They reduce the cold air entering your house, keeping you warm and cozy.
• They are thermally efficient and reduce your energy bills considerably.
• It is easy to fix, adjust and remove them. They do not require a large amount of effort and consume very little energy.
• They provide better insulation than wooden doors.
• They are aesthetically attractive.
• With their multiple designs and colour schemes, they can be installed in any type of house or property.
• They provide a good first impression with their impressive outlook.
• Composite doors are stronger and sturdier than any other type of door.
• With multi lock system, composite doors are difficult to breach, keeping you safe from burglars and thieves.
• Composite door has the timber effect look, which gives you the appearance of a wooden door without the hassle.
• Composite doors simply have the wow factor. They have the ability to turn your house from boring to amazing.
• They also provide a high level of insulation against noise. The noise from the street or passing cars will not bother you, leaving you to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere at home.
• These doors come with a long warranty making them a useful investment.
• They also increase the property value in the market

123door provides you with all the information that you need to make your house a home and makes your online buying of door easy and fun.

Door & Window Measuring

Door and window measuring is strictly advised for an experienced tradesman or a proficient DIYer. 123door, Belfast is not responsible for any discrepancy in measurement or inaccurate survey. It is recommended that you call us for installation of your door accurately and properly. We have an efficient team that will install your door with minimum fuss and in a short time.

This guideline is made available to help you in the installation of your door. We are not responsible for any inaccurate survey. For the height (H)- measure from the sill to the underside of the exterior trim at the top. For the width (W)- take the measurement from three points. Measure from the top, centre and bottom of the door opening. For thickness (T)- measure for the thickness of the door frame in all the corners.

Make 5mm allowance for the sealing of the door frame on all sides. Deduct 10mm from the final measurements of the height and width. Measure the diagonals properly. They help you to make sure that the opening for the door is in a proper square shape. If the diagonal measurement is way off that is more than 6mm, then your opening is not in a proper square shape and will create problems for you in the installation of the door.

If your door has modification such as side panels or top light, then make sure that you incorporate them in your measurement for the door installation. For side panel- the width should be measured from the centre point of the frame between the door and side panel to the outer edge of the side panel. For top light- measure the depth from the centre point of the frame between the door and the top light to the top of the door frame.

Taking Care of your door

Our doors are low maintenance. You only need to do a few simple tasks to keep your door in a tip top condition. As its owner it is your responsibility to keep your door in a clean and good state.

• Use mild soap and water to wash your door and door frame.

• Make sure that you properly lock your door. One big reason for the door warping or catching is the improper locking of the door.

• Avoid using bleach or other harsh chemicals on your door as they will damage the colour of your door.

• Do not use wire brushes to keep your door clean.

• Make sure to oil the locking mechanisms of your door twice in a year. This will keep the locks in a good position and will prevent rusting or corrosion of the mechanical parts.

• Use a linen cloth to clean your door.

• Thermal and seasonal movement of the door is a natural phenomenon and should not be confused with installation error.

• If using a specific cleaner make sure that it does not damage the surface of the door.

Door Security

People are favoring composite doors due to a rise in the rate of burglaries and robberies in the Northern Ireland. Old wooden doors provide no protection against the burglars. It is very easy to open such doors stealthily and silently. Composite front doors are made up of a variety of materials which makes it a strong and secure door.

With multi locking mechanism and top of the line security system, our doors provide you with safety and reliability in Belfast and anywhere in Northern Ireland. With their anti-crowbar design, these doors discourage the robbers from entering making their breaching of the house a difficult challenge. Unlike old and outdated doors with simple locks that can be easily popped open, our doors come equipped with cylinder locks that are very difficult to pop open.

123door, Northern Ireland, provide you with doors that are better for your home as well as your mental peace. They are the perfect solution to your problem. They do not get warped or swollen due to weather. They are corrosion resistant. Unlike wooden doors, they do not rot and make the house vulnerable to attack. They are sound, safe, solid and stylish to boot.

Multi Point Locks

They are a common feature for the composite and UPVC doors. They basically consist of a deadbolt with a live latch with at least two hook type bolts top and bottom. This ensures a more secure locking and effectively immobilises both the top and bottom of the door, greatly enhancing the security of the door as compared to the single locking system.

These bolts are operated when you lift the lever either from inside or outside of the door. It is important to lift the handle every time the door id operated. This is known as double locking. Failure to double lock the door will disturb its alignment and will affect its ability to provide a seal against water and air. You can also install a ‘push shut’ mechanism for your door lock. It is complicated and a bit more costly.

The security provided by the doors and the latest locking mechanism will be of no use if you will not double lock your door properly. Your negligence in the proper closing of the door will not only cost you money and time, but will also compromise the security of your loved ones. So keep this in mind when locking your door.