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With over 20 years experience in the double glazing industry.

The team at 123Door, have came together to give customers the best possible deals, all without the hassle, without the pressure and most important, without the high cost, that a salesman or large company brings.

Windows & Doors for Every Home

Here at 123Door we provide you with windows anddoors in Northern Ireland that are strong, durable and stunning.

Whether you live in a country cottage, an urban townhouse or a modern apartment we have the door for you.

With our elegant and graceful designs and strong, durable doors with state of the art security systems give your house the beauty it deserves.


At 123Door you get 100+ designs in 20+ colour varieties at a low market price. Here you can have any style you want and can create any look that you desire.

Windows and Doors in Belfast, Northern Ireland, or anywhere in the world, is the first thing that people notice about a house. It reflects the personality of a house and of its owner. A solid, beautiful door can make a house welcoming, were as a cheap, poor quality door can make a house bland and boring.

Like a well tended garden, a door, may it be Upvc or composite, a window, be it sliding sash or beveled, even Roofline with your fascia and guttering, gives the house character and charm.

Windows and doors, and even roofline are not only important for aesthetic reasons,they are important for a safe and secure home.

Trending Windows and Doors in Northern Ireland

We offer a wide variety of front, back,composite, UPVC, French, Patio and Bi fold doors. Along with that we also offer A-Rated upvc windows and quality Roofline installations. Our products are designed with your comfort in mind. 123Door not only provide beautiful windows anddoors throughoutNorthern Ireland, but those that provide thermal efficiency, greater security and minimal maintenance.

We have doors and windows available in many different colours that are easily matched with your existing home decor. With a wide range of colour and design you can have a finish that easily complements your house.

So save yourself from the hassle of pushy salesmen, needless market budget and overheads. Buy directly from 123door, the best window and door supplier in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and improve your home’s appearance.

We aim to provide you with the best upvc and double glazing options available out there with a reasonable price tag. With our new and original designs we cater to the demands of people from all walks of life.


We build doors and windows with high quality precision and durable raw materials. We do not compromise on quality and services. Our services and product quality are second to none. Our company ensures that you have your door with minimal headache and trouble. No matter what you order, we will make sure that the process of your transaction to the installment of your door, goes as smoothly as possible.

With our creative designs and great quality products, 123door brings you your dream windows anddoors here in Belfast and Northern Ireland.

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