Why choose Nordoor

At 123Door we have researched a lot of composite doors. We are looking for the aesthetically robust doors that will long outlast their guarantees. We have found it. The Nordoor range of composite doors have ticked so many boxes. And being one of the few Nordoor composite door installers in Northern Ireland, we are setting the bench mark for what is to come.

We have seen many competitors doors warp over the years, lose colour and even crack on the composite skin. After rigorous tests, our Nordoor composite doors have the potential to feel and look like the day you got it installed after, yes, years! That is providing you look after your door.

Here are some of the specs that have made Nordoor composite doors in Belfast and Northern Ireland, one of the best doors about.

Nordoor Specification and USP’s

  • Solid Engineered Timber Kite marked core, no warping or twisting even in direct sunlight and all weather conditions
  • Coolskin Kite marked skins, reflect the heat of the sun to help ensure no warping, cracking or twisting of doors even black and dark colours
  • 70mm multi chamber frame, fully reinforced with steel
  • High security Cylinder
  • Thumb turn Cylinder
  • German Winkhaus locks
  • Heavy duty steel coupling section
  • All doors triple glazed
  • Coloured through door skins not painted with kite marked anti-scratch technology
  • Fully adjustable flag door hinges
  • All locks, hardware and hinges screwed to solid timber core for strength and durability
  • Flush fit on inside for clean attractive appearance
  • Unique timber look deep grain
  • Tri-Sys glazing cassettes, fully kite marked so no warping, cracking or twisting. Incorporating unique 3-part glazing system for ease of changing glazing unit if required
  • Twin sealing system with fin-seal to ensure no draughts or leaks
  • 15mm door overlap to frame ensuring no draughts or leaks (twice as much cover as double rebate doors)

Once you see a Nordoor, your mind will be already made up.